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Vendor FAQ

How to Advertise Your Horse

How to upload a video to YouTube

  1. Log in to your YouTube account.

  2. Click on the video icon at the top right hand side of the window, which can be found next to your user icon, messages, apps, and notifications.

  3. Click ‘Upload Video.’

  4. Then, press ‘select files to upload’ to find the video file saved on your computer. Or you can drag and drop it into the window.

  5. Your description will be your horses name

  6. Select your Audience as “No, it’s not for Kids”

  7. Select the privacy setting of your video as “Public”

  8. Copy the link & email to using your horses name in the description or paste the link in the "YouTube Video Links" Field in our Nomination Form.

  9. Select “Upload”

How to Photograph your Horse


  1. Wash and groom your horse.

  2. Remove rugs and blankets.  Buyers don’t have x-ray vision!

  3. Pick a nice location without any clutter in the background that will distract from your horse. 
    Buyers want to see the horse has clean legs and stands well without any obvious conformation issues. A busy background will detract from your horse and can create optical illusions that make your horse look undesirable.

  4. Get a friend to help make sure your horses’ ears are forward and they are looking alert but not spooked in the photo. Have them stand in front of your horse holding a carrot or feed bucket to get their attention. 

  5. If your horse is not easily spooked your friend can wave a bag, make silly noises or anything else that will make your horse look interested and alert.

  6. Position the horse in either full shade or full sun – not dappled light.

  7. Take the photo with the sun directly behind your back and parallel to the horse to avoid strong shadows that will alter how your horse looks in the photos.

  1. Turn the phone sideways. Landscape orientation is much better for horse photos (and videos).

  2. Keep the camera at same level as the horse’s shoulder – kneel for minis and small ponies.

  3. Fill the frame with the horse – your horse is the star, so make it a photo of your horse rather than a photo of a landscape with a horse in it.

  4.  Avoid awkward angles such as having the head closest to the camera and the body furthest away. The distorted photo might be funny, but they really don’t help a prospective buyer decide to bid on your horse.

  5. Conformation shots standing facing the horses’ shoulder or girth with horse parallel to phone/camera, standing square

Examples of Acceptable Photos & Videos

"Main Display Photo"

Near Side 2.jpg
Off Side 2.jpg
Near Side 1.jpg
Off Side 1.jpg
Head 1.jpg
Head 2.jpg
Dated Photo Example 2.png
Dated Photo Example 1.png
Feet 1.jpg
Feet Scaring.jpg

Dated Photo Example

Dated Photo Example