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Triangle Horse Sale

BSB: 064-473 | Acc: 1046 4645

Monthly Performance & Pleasure Horse Auction

Nominations are now open for the December  Performance & Pleasure Horse Auction!


Sale Opens: 6pm Thursday 7th December 2023

Sale Closes: 7pm Wednesday 13th December  2023

Triangle’s Performance & Pleasure Horse Auction is open to registered and unregistered pleasure and performance horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines.


The auction allows you, the consignor, to work with the Triangle Team in marketing your Horse or Pony. The better you present your horse, the better the photos/videos you take and the more details you provide allows the buyers to make an informed choice when bidding and ultimately make you the most money on the sale.


The successful bidder will be required to collect the horse or pony from the seller’s property or make arrangements to transport the horse at their own expense.


Through Triangle’s unique online auction platform, consignor’s have the opportunity to make a great first impression when advertising their horse for sale.


Providing clear, well-lit photos of your horse will grab potential buyers’ attention, as will breeding details and any other information that potential buyers will be interested in, such as height, age, breeding, temperament, details of their experience and how they cope in different environments.

Triangle’s online platform also allows potential buyers to ask questions through our Enquiry System and where appropriate, arrange physical inspections & vet checks prior to the close of the sale.

VENDOR NOTE: Nominations for the November Sale will close at 9am Thursday 7th December.


Video Submissions:

Videos for Sale Display & Social Media Use are due by 9am Thursday 7th December.

Video links must be provided as a YouTube link and are to be submitted by email to


Photo Submissions:

Photos for Sale Display and use on Social Media platforms are due by 9am Thursday 7th December.

Photos are to be submitted by email to

Fees & Commissions (GST Inclusive):

Horses/Ponies/Donkeys Commission: 8.8%

Saddles/Saddlery Commission: 12.5%

Floats/Trailers Commission: 5.5%

Reserved Nomination Fee: $55

Social Media Advertising: $25 (Optional)

CowTown App Advertisement $44 (Optional)


Triangle Horse Sale
BSB: 064-473 | Acc: 1046 4645


A mandatory requirement for all horses listed in our auction is a “Current Dated Photo”. 

This must be a full body shot with no rugs or saddles & the date HANDWRITTEN on a piece of paper held in the background of the photo. ABSOLUTELY NO DIGITAL DATES WILL BE ACCEPTED!

Please refer to "Vendor FAQ" Link below for Fees & Commissions, photo requirements & instructions on uploading your video.

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